Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Your self image determines the quality of life

"If you don't see yourself as a winner,then you can not perform as a winner."--Zig Ziglar

             One of the most fundamental  step  for improving quality of life is  to enhance  your self esteem or self-image .Self esteem is nothing but what you think and feel about yourself. This inner thinking and feeling is very much important, as this will reflect externally as your words, behavior, and action.
         For example, if you think and feel internally as leader or capable of doing anything , your behavior and action are also in line with  that feeling .Alternatively, if you think and feel yourself as average performer or lazy , your action and behavior also reflect the same .
         One of the survey reveals that 85 % of the world population suffer with low self esteem.The consequence of low self esteem affects the relationship, communication, performance at work, parenting quality, living up to potential .So quality of life depends on the quality of self-image.

         Hence aware of your self-image, relook and you will attract Good things in Life!

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