Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Being generous-an attitude towards happiness

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you will not have to hunt for happiness.”--William Gladstone

          One of the way of being happy is to be always in generous mindset. By definition, generous can be understood as “freely giving or sharing money, time, knowledge or any valuable resources of yours to others”.

          Being in generous mindset brings not only happiness to self; it improves the quality of relationship with others and to the world. In today’s liberalized economy, most of us are leading a better life than our parents, even then, the mind is filled with POVERTY mentality only. Due to this mindset, life is looked upon with  insecure and fearful. In a family, the split happens between blood relationship over family assets  is mainly due to lack of abundance mentality or lack of generous attitude.

          But by nature, more you give yourself to others, you get more energy  or resources to take care of yourself. With  generous attitude, life will be perceived as opportunities. When does  one behave as  generous? Only when he feels  that he has sufficient  enough  to give it others or  when feels that he has the capability to acquire more when required. This abundance feeling brings generous attitude.

          You can experiment this yourself. For example, if you use to give  Rs x  as tips to waiter  at restaurants, next time you experiment  by giving Rs 2X;  experience the feeling you are undergoing  and look the reality of wealth erosion fear. Similarly  experiment  by spending  2X time with your family members than usual; experience the feeling you are undergoing and look the reality of work productivity fear.

          Be generous in giving your resources to others and you will attract good things in life!

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