Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Habits will determine your success

"We are what we repeatedly do.Excellence is not an act,but a habit."--Aristotle

         The habit can be defined as something you do regularly and often, which eventually becomes easy. For example, viewing television while taking food is a habit, attending meeting on time is a habit and for the successful people winning in every obstacle is a habit.

          Now let us understand the quality of habit and its impact on the probability of success or growth. For example, you want to have control of your financial security. If that is your goal, it demands some of the good habits like checking your expenses frequently, saving some percentage of your earnings, frequently looking at your investment portfolio for better returns etc. Those  habits  only lead  you  to financial freedom over a period of time.Similarly, you should not have bad habits like  buying all new gadgets, whether you really need it or not, investing in low productive assets  etc.  With reference to personal finance. Hence, the combination of good and bad habits related to personal finance only will determine your financial security.

          Similarly, each aspect of life like career advancement, business growth, and relationship require a set of good habits to be followed regularly and at the same time avoiding the bad habits. The choosing of good habits and consistently following only leads to achievement of success in any given area.

          Now re look at your habit pattern in any aspects and you attract good things in life!

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