Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Make your resolutions work

“Desire, burning desire, is basic to achieving anything beyond the ordinary.”Joseph Wirthlin

         Most of us have the habit of setting goals  on the new year's eve. One of the survey says that only 8 %  of the people follow through the actions and finally achieve the goal. Why new year resolution or  even generally goal setting  could not be carried forward? One of the  reasons could be the resolutions or goals are mere wish and this alone will not bring the result. The goal lacks “ burning desire”, that mean  compulsion or a strong need to achieve the goal.

         There are two approaches through  which we can have  a burning desire. One is thinking  how the goal will bring pleasure or happiness to you if you achieve the goal. The second is thinking  the pain you will have or continue to have if you are not achieving the goal. This will drive you to take necessary actions.

         For example, you are setting  a goal to improve your communication skill or relationship quality  significantly this year. You intensely realize that  if you improve the communication skill or relationship quality, you can win any battles in life. Also realize that if you are not improving the skills, you cannot even be successful in job  interviews and lifelong you will have struggles.Associate this pleasure and pain with your goal of improving the skill and  this will drive you to take all actions to achieve the  goal.

         Today's action is to associate the burning desire to your goal and start taking action. You will attract Good things in your Life!.

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