Tuesday, 14 July 2015

It is never too late

"It is never too late in fiction or in life to revise."--Nancy Thayer

              Everyone wants to achieve something in life.But in reality, not all will have the right environment, and opportunity at a young age to channelize their energy towards achieving.Only a few gifted people have the blessings to achieve at a young age. For others, it may take life long process.The worst part is, during the process, some people give up or eventually become satisfied or contented with the life or even complain about age, health, and circumstances etc.

          However, history reveals that most of the great achievements done by the people at mid age or even later than that. For example, Napoleon Hill writes bestselling books after age 40, Colonial Sanders started KFC restaurant at the age of 65, Soichiro Honda started Honda motors at the age of 42, Mahatma Gandhi became known as a revolutionary person only after 35 when he started fighting against the British and the list goes on. We can draw conclusion that age is not a barrier; no point of regretting about the past and achievements can be done at any point of time.

If you have not managed your business so far, it is never too late to transform now…
If you have not managed your relationship well with others, it is never too late to renew it…
If you have not managed your financial or health so far, it is never too late to look into it.

         There is a possibility of new achievements.No point in regretting about the past and complaining about the environments.It is never too late to start a new beginning in any aspects of life and you attract good things in life!

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