Monday, 30 April 2018

How to change the mindset of others?

One of the frequently asked questions in most of the conversation with business head or managers is, “How to change the mindset of my team?”. Business head intends to change his fellow manager's thought process or mindset. Similarly, managers also expect to improve his fellow reportee’s thought process.It is reasonable expectation a senior person likes his team member to look at the things as he sees.

Let us understand the process of changing the mindset of others.

Mindset means we set our mind or thoughts towards something in a particular fashion and our behaviors/actions are in line with thought process or mindset. Now as an elder, if you want to change the mindset of others, you need to feed their mind with new thoughts or experience or new learning, then only old mentality disappears, and new mindset or thought process settle in. That is merely enhancing the mind to accommodate a new way of looking at things.

If you understand this process, as an elder, your job is to continuously educate or communicate with your fellow team members till they enhance their mind. You need to give a new exposure in the form of training or further learning. That way only, you can change other’s mindset towards business.

The point is that educating or communicating or exposing for new learning is your responsibility. Are you owning responsibility and spending your time, energy towards developing your team is the point of self-introspection!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

When do you lose your value?

Recently I received this photo from one of my friends. I am not sure whether this is a  sales discount as a consequence of Steve Smith's involvement in “ball tampering scandal” news or year-end sales push as coincidence. However, this picture reminds profound life truth.

Your value would come down the moment you lose your core life values like integrity, honesty, fairness for the sake of a quick win.This truth is not only applicable in sports, nowadays, but we also hear/watch the news on scandals in all spheres of business, especially in banking, that too, from a respected corporate man/women whom most of the youngsters are looking up as a role model. When they trade their values for short-term materialistic advantages, we lose the respect of those people, irrespective of their education, positional status, past achievements in their profession.

In Life, you can regain materialistic assets even if you lose, but you cannot regain once lose your internal consciousness if that is traded for low values.Hold on your high values for your peace and people under you as they are watching you, They can be your peers or subordinates or even your children .!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Who is a winner when you quarrel?

There were a couple of lions lived in a forest.One day, both felt thirsty and reached the water pond.They immediately began to argue about who should satisfy their thirst first.The argument became quarrel and each took a stand to die in the quarrel rather than give up the privilege of being first to quench the thirst.

       They started attacking each other as their emotions turned into rage. Suddenly they stopped their attack and looked up at the sky as there was a flock of vultures circling the pond. Those vultures were eagerly waiting for the loser to die and it would become a feast for them for a week.

       On realizing the intention of the vultures, both lions stopped their quarrel and shared the water together to quench the thirst and walked away. The vultures disappointed.

Moral of the story:

When you quarrel each other as a couple for a silly reason, the loss would be family harmony only. Similarly even in the organization, when we spent energy on small things and argued for hours, the loser would be the organization, and the winner would be your competition.

Be aware of what for you are fighting and against whom you are fighting!