Friday, 30 March 2018

Why do we lose opportunities?


      You may have an ambitious goal about your personal or business. When the right opportunity comes in to achieve the ambitious goal, how you communicate yourself makes much difference in grabbing the opportunity.

       For instance, you get an opportunity to work with dream employer but in a distant location. You are aware that this opportunity will change your life in a big way. However, your mind works on the small hindrances in the opportunity. For example, rather than visualizing the benefit from the opportunity, you may be worrying about the small hindrances like to how to relocate or how to reach distant and so on... The more and more you get into thinking about “concern “areas, more you will be missing the big picture of achieving your ambitious goal.

        There is no doubt that small concerns also need to be addressed, but the instant communication yourself on concerns outweigh the benefits and shuts your grabbing ability.How you are communicating yourself is important.

           This requires just awareness of your thought process on how you are looking at opportunities and concerns!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

why do we need a role model?

As you are aware that Roger Bannister, the athlete who created a record and famous for “four-minute mile” phrase expired last week at age of 88. He was seen as a legend not only for creating an athletic record, but he paved the way to study human mindset and life growth. Till 1954, in the sports world, finishing a mile within 4 minutes was impossible by human beings.When Roger Bannister created the record by completing in 3 min 59 sec, this became a possibility.

           Within 46 days banister’s achievement, an Australian runner not only broke the record he created a new record to complete by 3min 58 sec. Now, over the last half-century, more than a thousand runners have conquered a barrier that had once been considered was not possible.

            Nature had played its role thru banister to humanity on mindset.and possibilities.Either it could be on personal or in business, our mindset limits our potential. We always look someone as a role model or predecessor to show a new way or break the status quo or breaking the mindset.

             When you break your personal or business mindset, you become a leader or role model in your circle.But in reality, it is not possible for all, to create their own path by being role model. In such a case, look around, observe and pick someone as your role model and follow what they do.
Ultimatley, your mind restricts your growth , expand it through some reference , you life horizon also expands!