Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Develop the attitude of gratitude

 "When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears." -- Tony Robbins

            Are you always feeling gifted? If so, you are leading abundant life. If not, count on your blessings and problems  in your life .Right from our birth till now, Nature, known people like our parents, friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses, spouse, children are helping, guiding, supporting us to lead a beautiful life . Even unknown people are supporting us indirectly to live a comfortable life. We are blessed to have those supports in our life.

         Most of the time, we crib with the problems rather than counting on the blessings. Be aware of the blessings, feel gifted and express the gratitude and you get all the right mindset to manage those problems. One of the most important feelings we must have is “feeling gifted for the blessings we have in life and being grateful".

         When we develop the attitude of gratitude, we will get the following benefits viz being humble, inspire to give more to others and open ourselves to attract the abundance.

          Nowadays lots of research is being conducted to find the correlation of success, happiness and well being with attitude of gratitude. One such a study reveals that quality of life was improved for the group of people who practiced the attitude of gratitude than those did not.

        Hence, develop the attitude of gratitude and you attract good things in your Life!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Enhance your Quality of Thinking

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think".--Buddha 


             Thinking is the most fundamental beginning for any action. Thinking differentiates us from other creatures. Psychologists estimate that on an average our brain produces approximately  50000 -60000 thoughts per day. Just think and answer yourself, if you are thinking say 50000 thoughts per day, how many thoughts are positive, helps in your growth and make you happy?

         You refer any successful people from history, philosophy, spiritual, business, science, sports, media etc,you may realize that the fundamental reason is their quality of thinking and thinking process.

         Relook your own life. You are TODAY because of the thinking and decision you took in the PAST. Similarly, your Future quality of life depends on the quality of thinking of Today .As quoted we become what we think .

         Hence relook your thinking process , enhance the quality of thinking and you attract good things in your Life!