Friday, 16 December 2016

What does prevent us to express timely?

The value of “life aspects” is only when we nourish its value when it is with us. The “life aspects” could be like health, wealth, knowledge, profession, relationship etc. When something is lost, we realize the value of it or associate it with more memories.

In personal life, we use to take the people relationship as granted, especially with people in our close circles. We tend to value people after we lost them or they moved away from us. After losing, either regret about the inability to nurture the relationship or start valuing by way of praising the positive side of the personalities (as nostalgia rituals!!). Even in professional life, we use to appreciate or endorse the qualities of the person during a farewell session as a routine. The person could have enjoyed the association more with us, if he/she had been endorsed or acknowledged or appreciated for his personality when he/ she were with us.

As life is too short and uncertainty, what does prevent us from nurturing the relationship and expressing timely? We may list work pressure, lack of time, ego etc, but more than anything else, it just needs a deep awareness of the fact of life.

As someone quoted, “Sometimes the words we leave unspoken are the most important ones that should have been said” is much more valid for the relationship especially with our close circles.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Factors enabling the harmony at the workplace

As discussed last week, in personal and professional life, maintaining harmony with our daily interesting people is must have peace of mind, quality of work, in turn growth and happiness.

Irrespective of the difference of opinion or conflict with others, still harmony can be maintained.If we observe highly successful and matured people, we can notice some of the practices while interacting with others.

Easily approachable 
Connecting others with care
Consistency in behavior
Giving self first 
Respecting and not approaching with fixed perception
Be helpful, friendly and firm 

Maintaining harmony with others is a conscious choice for growth and happiness, which is possible with practice.

The given video link demonstrates the improvement in the relationship between boss and subordinate with the above factors…

Hope you enjoy it…

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Why do we struggle to keep harmony with others?

   As discussed last week, in personal and professional life, maintaining harmony with our daily interacting people is must to have peace of mind, quality of work, in turn growth and happiness.

   However, in reality, we struggle to maintain harmony with others.Rather than looking the reason from the other’s point of view,let us look it from within us. One of the expectation or condition, we set ourselves to maintain harmony with others is not accepting others if they differ from our thought process or opinion. This is strongly conditioned in our mind.

    However, the nature reveals that no creation is same as others, each is unique.No two people can have same likings and thought process.We tend to mix people and issue together. Let us accept people, especially those are influencing our life on a daily basis .Accept them as such ,separate the intellectual part from the people part .Once if we accept the people as such , then we are open to see other good qualities of those people. It may be difficult for most of us to practice this, but this awareness is required to improve the quality of relationship.

    Let us the discuss the factors will enable improved harmony next week.