Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Preserving Relationship

Generally, we get hurt more by close relationships either family members or with people in a professional environment than strangers. When we get hurt, our tendency would be thinking too much about the incident or the person cause it.Eventually, we start recalling all unfavorable moments happened earlier with the person and forming negative emotions about the person. When this occurrence repeats frequently, the gap is also widening over a period.

       When the gap is widening, even the other person does a favor for us, we tend to look at with skepticism.In this process, the quality of the relationship is strained.The one way of approaching this mindset is to value the relationship by recalling one best moment or favor we experienced with that person.Instead of rewinding one bad moment for many times and affecting the relationship, rewind the positive moments for many times and cherish the relationship.No one is perfect in all for every time.

   The point is many people are coming across on our life journey and some relationships staying with us for a lifelong for some purpose and let us preserve it with patience and compassion .!!

Never react when you are in disturbed state

     One day Buddha was traveling from one town to another town along with his followers. On the way, they took a rest and the Buddha asked one of his followers to get some water from the nearby lake.A disciple walked up to the lake and he noticed that some people were washing clothes in the lake water and also a bullock cart crossing through the lake.As a result, water became muddy and the disciple thought this muddy water cannot be given to Buddha to drink. He came back to Buddha and told that the water was muddy and not suitable for drinking.

     After a while, Buddha again asked the same disciple to go back to the lake and get some water. The disciple also went to the lake and found that mud was settled down and the water was clean enough to drink.So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

      Buddha looked at the water and looked up at the disciple and said “what did you do to make the water clean to drink? You just allowed it as such to settle down the mud.Similarly, when your mind is in a disturbed state, you cannot make use of it effectively for decision making or doing anything useful. 

      Most of our email communication or direct communications in professional life becomes annoyed or tuned out negative when we react it during our disturbed state. Give a little time to settle it down, your mind becomes in a positive state and you can produce results”

Monday, 12 February 2018

Why do some people reach top position fast?

Given the right educational background and potential, some people reach the top position in their career very faster than average pace and others it takes a time or stagnant at some level.
What makes some people move fast to reach a top position like CEO or head of the organization?

One of the HBR articles revealed interesting facts about the reason for some people take fast track.Researchers found some pattern among them as follows
1.Sometimes in their career journey, they step down and take a small role to develop them to accelerate. For example, functional head of large organization takes as in charge of small unit or projects to build his business skill. Even though it looks like step-down, they are preparing themselves for higher responsibilities.

2. Even at young age, they accept significant responsibilities even though they were not ready for that. That is taking a calculated risk and developing self on competency.

3.Emerge out as a visible leader during the crisis.That is, guidance and direction are usually essential during crisis time, and some people emerge as leaders during the crisis. For example, when the specific supplier is shut down the plant, quickly getting into alternate and resuming operations without any damage.

The point is, the above behaviors are some of the traits of people who reach the top position at a fast rate. If you have the aspiration for growth, just reflect your mindset, behaviors and your approach! Each one deserves for higher growth in the career! 

source courtesy:
HBR Article -The Fastest Path to the CEO Job, According to a 10-Year Study

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