Monday, 28 September 2015

Positive state before doing

                 One day Buddha was travelling from one town to another town along with his followers. On the way, they took a rest and the Buddha asked one of his followers to get some water from the nearby lake.A disciple walked up to the lake and he noticed that some people were washing clothes in the lake water and also a bullock cart crossing through the lake.As a result, water became muddy and the disciple thought this muddy water cannot be given to Buddha to drink. He came back to Buddha and told that the water was muddy and not suitable for drinking.

                 After a while, Buddha again asked the same disciple to go back to the lake and get some water. The disciple also went to the lake and found that mud was settled down and the water was clean enough to drink.So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

                 Buddha looked at the water and looked up at the disciple and said “what did you do to make the water clean to drink? You just allowed it as such to settle down the mud. Similarly, when your mind is in a disturbed state, you cannot make use of it effectively for decision making or doing anything useful. Give a little time to settle it down, your mind becomes in a positive state and you can produce results “

Thursday, 24 September 2015


“The Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.”- John Sculley

         Sometimes we are skeptical about the future and think that the status quo will continue as such either business growth or financial status or even professional growth  or quality of life.During such time, “Possibilities thinking” may be useful to get confidence or overcoming the skeptic mindset.

        For example, observe any successful people from business, sports, media, politics, etc., You may realize that their background were ordinary or much worse than yours. How they became successful is that they believed themselves. Before believing themselves, they think the possibilities of becoming successful or achieving something great. They believed in the possibilities of changing their destiny better than they were. They believed in the possibilities of tomorrow, which would be  better than today.

        Similarly, look at the developments in all the fields like connectivity of the world through internet, mobile communication, affordability of transportation modes, education, healthcare inventions, etc which was not imaginable a few   decades ago. Today it has become reality as  someone was thinking about the possibilities changing from better to best.

         In a nutshell, what was not possible yesterday becomes reality today and it is the result of possibilities thinking of humanity. Hence, think about new possibilities in your life either business turnaround, personal transformation or improving the quality of life, it will become reality with right actions!  

Sunday, 13 September 2015

The power of faith and surrendering

“Faith is permitting ourselves to be seized by the things we do not see.” – Martin Luther

          Even though we possess the knowledge, experience and capability in our profession, sometimes our confidence will be shaken. During such a time, if we are not able to maintain “mental cool,” outcome will be disastrous. One of the ways to calm our mind would be faith in divine power and surrendering.

           For instance, recently I was called for speaking in a forum. Even though the topic was very close to my heart and preparation was good, somehow the new forum, environment and the senior experts sitting on the dais made me inferior, eventually I was losing my confidence. I knew in a few minutes, I need to deliver my speech and no way I can escape the situation and in the back of my mind, I was losing all the confidence and  the contents of the speech. At that moment, it was very difficult to boost the confidence with our intellectual learnings and techniques.

            The only option I had was to surrender to divine power. I was telling myself “I have not tried this speaking opportunity as it comes to me as divine wish. If it gets to me as divine’s wish, how come divine make me  to fail in this? Even if I fail, that is the divine’s wish to gain experience out of this.Surely things will turn out favors in any way.” Within a few minutes, I was called  and surprised my speech came out more powerful and content made positive impacts as I received a positive response from the people.

           The point  I am asserting here is that be faith in yourself, if not, be faith on divine and surrender ,that will make you calm and  life will be good whatever happens!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Battle Choice

“How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.”—Wayne Dyer

           In professional or  business environment, sometimes , we may have to work with the people who may not be inline with your thought process, attitude,character ,simply put it wavelength. The person could  be your boss  or  peers or subordinates  or even the customer. Practically you may not have immediate solution to move away from them ,the only option left out is to live with them  temporarily.

          What is the choice available to manage those characters? One choice can be to  confront with them  and always prove that you are right. This choice is like adding fuel to fire as resistance always back firing. In this process, either you lose your peace of mind or your productivity or lose track of growth as you always think how to make others  wrong.

          Another choice can be to make your mind  to accept them as such  and keep moving on your  growth activities. Learn from the nature that anything is cyclic and things will work out in your favor soon. Learn from your past that tough times never lasts forever and how you managed similar situations.

          In essence, your peace of mind is more important than anything else. That depends on the choice of battle you choose!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Managing Emotions

“The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason.”—Marya Mannes

      One of the toughest  management is managing the emotion of self. The internal  emotion will manifest as behavior to the external world and makes us  either great or break. It can be in relationship, day to day decisions and even in managing personal finance. Those who can able to master their emotions  through self awareness becomes successful in all aspects of life.

        For instance, as most of  us aware of the fact that  stock market is one of the investment avenues of our period and if we manage well, we can create wealth. But how many of us really have made money in stock market consistently? One of the reasons  that most of us  are operating in stock market mostly with  emotions like anxiety, greed, fear  and then take decisions which most of the time goes wrong.

        Likewise, in a relationship with our family members or even with fellow workers, we are predominantly run by emotions like fear, jealousy, anger and then proved  by words or natural process which moves the relationship character.

         Managing emotions  well is mastery of all skills. For some people, it is a natural process  and for others, it is possible with awareness and practice. If one masters managing emotions, he starts attracting all good things in life!