Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Your self-esteem grows through your actions

Self-esteem is all about how you feel and think about yourself as this determines your quality of life. Even though factors like your childhood, upbringing, environment influence your level of self-esteem, one of the most significant factors drives your self-esteem is your own thoughts and action. When your thought process and action are same, your self-esteem improves. Alternatively, when there is misalignment on your thoughts and actions, it affects your self-esteem.

       For example, you want to inculcate a new habit to improve your effectiveness, and you form a resolution to surf the social media contents only when you are in leisure, not during busy hours. When you are determined by this resolution and make it happen, your self-esteem goes up as your subconscious mind reinforce that you are capable of making anything happen with your persistence.

       In case, if you are not able to follow your own resolution and break the habit formation, your subconscious mind reinforce that you are weak in following up on your own resolution. When this kind of instances happen frequently, you mind convince that you are either strong or weak in following your own commitments and your self-esteem grows or pulls down.
      That is, our self-esteem grows or falls on our own thought process and action. This is applicable both in a personal and professional environment too as a leader. Just be aware of your thought and action alignment, raise your standard continuously and stick on it.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How do you look at your work?

Once three people were working on the bridge construction. The stranger approached the first person asked what he was doing.T he person said, “Can‘t you see I am laying stones.” The stranger quickly moved on to the second person and asked the same question.T he person replied: “I am working on my income so that I take care of myself and family.”

      The stranger moved on the third person and asked him what he was doing. The person replied with a smile “I am building a bridge, once the bridge construction is over, many people will pass on.I am helping others to move fast. This bridge will be here centuries after I am gone”    

       This is a well-known story, and the profound message is that how you are looking at your work with great purpose on it makes a difference in your quality of work and life. Irrespective of your profession, each one of us is doing our bit for the benefit of others as a whole. When we realize the purpose of our work in a big picture, the work will bring happiness and also the quality of work will be enhanced.
        Identify the purpose of your work!! 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

How does “being punctual” help your growth?

If you observe highly successful people, you can identify one universal quality they consistently display in their life is “Being Punctual.” 

What is meant by “being punctual.”?
As we generally understood, being punctual is not only on time for any event or meetings, it is adhering to the commitments to self and others. It is a commitment to yourself towards any activities and respect for others or sensitive to other’s time.

Being punctual is all about organizing self.

It is all about your attitude towards yourself, your work and care about others

How this attitude does helps you?:

When you organize yourself, eventually you will get the capability to organize others

For example, when you are committed to your work and you showoff on time, that makes you calm and you can think clearly. When you are sensitive to your commitments to others, it makes you more alert .when you are in calm and alert that makes you more effective in your execution. When your execution is effective, likely you achieve success.

Alternatively, when you are not showing off on time, you demonstrate your irregularities. You are perceived as not trustworthy. Sometimes, your irregularities make you restless, anger and eventually affect your work quality. This attitude reduces your personal effectiveness and in turn growth.

Hence, Set right your attitude of “ being punctual “ and this  will accelerate your growth as we witness from achievers ! 

Monday, 7 May 2018

How to be grateful forever?

Being in a grateful state is one of the biggest virtues a person can possess. Grateful is a powerful feeling of being thankful for everything happened in life. A lot of research is being conducted for the benefit of being in the grateful and many studies show that the person with gratitude mindset will have more satisfaction, happy in life and less disturbed with life challenges.

Being in the grateful state is a natural process for a few people and difficult for some people in the world of a busy lifestyle.However, from my experience, with a little effort, the mind can be trained to look at the life with more gratitude 

How to practice gratefulness?:

1.Pick any one aspects of your life, say your education, job, family members, friends or any other opportunities you got in your business.
2.Think through how much lucky you are to have those aspects of your life. Think through the possibilities of forces which could have worked against you and how all the forces have worked out in your favor in getting those aspects.
3. When you think through deeply, your mind starts accepting your giftedness.When you do this frequently, eventually, you start looking at everything in life with gratitude mindset.

The point is that everyone has troubles and challenges, but how you look at the things with gratitude will give you strength to overcome the challenges. Being in a grateful state is possible by all with a little bit of awareness and effort!