Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Improve confidence with small actions….

"You gain strength,courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.You are able to say to yourself," i lived through this horrot.i can take the next thing that comes along."--Eleanor Roosevelt

          One of the survey  concludes that 85 % of the population suffers with low confidence issue. Improving the self-confidence is vital for growth and it cannot be improved  just overnight.It can be improved only by experiential  learning and  inculcating  positive reinforcement in the subconscious mind  with  more small success.
          For example, if you want to improve your confidence on public speaking skills, you cannot immediately  do  it in a large  crowd.Instead, you consciously experiment in a small group, take action  and taste the success. Your subconscious mind registers the successful event. Next time, when you are speaking  in  larger groups, your mind pushes you  with positive reinforcement  of earlier success and you may do well.Again the mind registers  this event  as  positive reinforcement. This way only, you can improve your confidence in public speaking.
          Similarly, if you want to take your business   to the next level, experiment with small, incremental target, be focused, take action, achieve it… this positive reinforcement  will help you to perform better in a high-level target achievement.

          Improving self confidence  is self driven, slow process, but more powerful forever. Hence the action plan is to identify the area in which you have low confidence level , take small action , taste the success  and this small success will help you to attract good things in life ! .

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