Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Chinese Bamboo Tree

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”-Napoleon Hill 

        Have you heard about the Chinese bamboo tree ?. This is different from other trees  as it does not grow in the usual fashion.. While most of the trees start growing steadily over a period of time, this Chinese bamboo tree does not even  break through the ground for the first four years.. Then on the fifth year, this tree starts to grow at an amazing growth rate.. It is said that within four to five weeks time, it even grows to 90 feet height. Actually, during the first four years, growth is not visible externally, but the tree has internally grown and making the roots strong.

       This nature’s creation reflects about our life. Sometimes, our life works   this way. You may be  working  hard  for your business growth  or professional growth or improving a relationship  for  weeks, months or even years and you may not even see  much significant progress. All of a sudden, you realize a significant transformation or growth in your business results and quality of relationship.Here the key point  is your patience to go through the process or faith on the positive outcome or perseverance  in your effort makes you realize the result.

       Any new initiative or effort  in business or even people development or relationship building takes time.. All it requires patience and faith in the outcome..

      Be patience in all your endeavors, keep making your effort and  you attract the good things in life!!

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