Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Perseverance mindset– a key differentiator

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."-- John Quincy Adams

            Everyone desires to achieve something great in life and only a few achieve it. The key differentiator between achiever and non-achiever is perseverance mindset. Perseverance can be defined as the ability to continue to do the action despite failures, disappointments, or setbacks. This is one of the most inbuilt qualities of big achievers and great successful people.

             Most of us find easy to step in and do the actions when there are no big challenges or setbacks. When things become tough, we tend to give up. The moment we give up, we become a loser.The winner is the one who faces all challenges and finds a way to overcome any obstacles. They only will be visible to the world. For example, there could be many entrepreneurs started the new business in the same year when Infosys was started. Today Infosys is only visible to the world because they stood against all odds, overcome the challenges and make it big.

             During setback, the challenges can be overcome in two ways; emotionally approach the problem “this shall too pass” and rationally think alternative strategies, which can work to overcome the challenges. Once we overcome challenges with the right mindset, we will be the winner!

             Hence, perseverance or never give up mindset plays a major role in success in either business or personal endeavors. So, whatever you do, proceed to never give up mindset and you attract good things in life! 

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