Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Emotional Maturity

“Caring  about people, about things, about life - is an act of maturity.” Tracy McMillan

        In a family or professional environment, if something goes wrong, we immediately tend to lose our coolness or fix someone to blame. In this process, we are missing the relationship aspects and the need for supporting the victims.

        There are few people who demonstrate a high level of emotional maturity. Just an incident happened a few months back to one of my friends.

         One day my  friend  along with his wife went to a marriage function  and returned home . He advised her wife to keep the jewels safely in  locker and left  to office .His  wife did not keep the jewels in the locker   and  went for shopping. When  she  back to  home, she shocked to see that the house door  was broken ,the things inside the house were in a mess  and the jewels were  missing .It was clear attempt by outsiders for money . The wife disturbed with mixed feeling  of loss and guilty of not keeping the jewels safe despite his husband’s advise . Also, she worried about his husband ‘s reaction to her negligence. The  husband returned back to home. While everyone was expecting the furious reaction, he gently touched his wife and said: “ Good thing in bad time,you were not inside the house when rob took place, you are safe,i can earn whatever we lost, nothing to worry “. He demonstrated empathy and maintain his cool temperament in a situation where he could not do anything. At that moment, he  did what was required for his wife.. Where did he learn this art of looking the life differently?

If everyone can look at life with this kind of perspective, there would be less problems in the relationship. This kind of maturity is difficult to attain, but possible with awareness of self and situation.

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