Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Your most valuable Gift to Your Child – Develop Self Esteem

         “If you don't see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”- Zig Ziglar

           As a parent, most of us dedicate our lives to creating wealth, providing education and comfort life of our Child. Those are all important, but the most valuable gift is to ensure our child is brought up with high self esteem till he becomes an adult. The adult who is brought up with high self esteem will achieve big success in life and happy compared to an adult with Low self esteem. Because self esteem helps to foster better relationship with others when the child becomes an adult.

         Even though education, friends, teachers are influencing the child‘s self esteem, as a parent, we can do our part to inculcate self esteem  by following simple  practices  on day to day interactions.

Do not criticize for failures:
              Failure is also part of life. When a child fails  in any action, let  us not criticize the mistake instead appreciate the effort.
Appreciate good behaviors 
            Frequently let us remind their’s good qualities and appreciate.It will reinforce confidence level.
Do not compare with others 
            Let us never compare our child against their friends. It will suppress natural talent.
Involve in decision making 
           For small domestic related issues, ask their opinion. It will make them feel important.
Make responsible for small tasks 
           Let us give them small tasks at home and ensure they are completed. It makes them feel responsible.

           Let us bring up our next generation with high self esteem and they will do wonders in life!

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