Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Be aware of your emotions for positive results

"The sign of an intelligent people is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason."--Marya Mannes

             As human beings, we are filled up with emotions.Every second, we are  experiencing  a different set of emotions  and those emotions  drive our  actions.The emotions can be positive emotions like happiness, energy, enthusiasm, etc. or can be limiting emotions like anger, sadness, worry, laziness etc.
            When we are in a positive state, our words, tone and actions will be positive whereas in limiting state, our actions leads into more chaos or unproductive. So be aware of in which state you are in at any point of time and change your state before taking any actions or communicating to others.
           One of the ways to change state instantly is by changing our physiology or body language. For example, imagine that you are in deep thinking or in a sad mood  and you are getting a phone call from your dearest friend.How quickly you are changing your state  into happiness? That moment you are changing your state just by changing your physiology.It is possible to change the state instantly with little focus on awareness and practice.

          The point is when you are taking any important decision or even talking to someone, aware of your state and change in a positive state. The result also will be positive. Hence, action is to observe the feelings that you are experiencing in each moment and change into a positive state.You will attract Good things in your Life.

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