Wednesday, 15 July 2015


“Unless you have bad times, you cannot appreciate the good times”. Joe Torre

      One of the habit of highly successful people is noticing even small accomplishments of others and timely appreciating.Some of us have developed the reluctance ourselves to appreciate others, even  they deserve for the same. It is applicable for both on family relationship as well as in the professional / business environment.

The psychological reasons  of this reluctance to appreciate  others are
  • Fear of losing control
  • More of self centered as if no time
  • Taking granted
  • Poor self-esteem or low confidence

      The study shows that the person who is appreciating others needs to be in a positive frame of mind. If one  is not in a positive state, he / she  cannot able to appreciate others. Hence, appreciation is not for only motivating others, it is a measure of our wellness of mental strength. Also, It is important to appreciate others on time and no point in appreciating others  when they  left us  or in customary farewell ritual.

Relook  your habit of appreciation of others and frequency, especially the people in your family and the people are working for you. It reflects your mental health. Start appreciating  others and you attract the abundance in your life!      

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