Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Setting the standard high

         One of the differences between highly successful people and mediocre people is that setting high standards for themselves. Setting high standard means they are always thinking  big and expect more from themselves.It can be in the area of professional or business growth or in a relationship.

The psychological effect of thinking  big and expecting more will be as follows
a)      Always feeling   highly motivated
b)      Not  looking  for external motivation to keep them happy
c)       Always engaging  themselves  in productive work which benefits them and others

In the absence of setting high standards, mediocre people get into the following behavior
a)      Feeling    dull frequently
b)      Always looking  for external motivation like  entertainment, media or other outlet, even then not feeling  fulfilled
c)       Always looking for situations to complain or blaming others
d)      Looking  at the life with skepticism

Hence, for the benefit of your own sake, always set high standards or expectation from you .This will push you to new heights and in this process people surrounding you will also  get benefits.

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