Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Conquering self

“It is not the mountain we conquer, it is ourselves”- Sir Edmund Hillary

          Sir Edmund Hillary was New Zeeland based mountain climber. From childhood, he was interested in adventures, climbed several mountains. He desired to climb mountain Everest, as it was the highest mountain in the world with steep height 29000 feet. During 1950’s, he had  undertaken to climb    and broke due to several causes. Even though it was perceived as bold effort, he regarded himself as a loser. He looked up at Mount Everest and screamed “I will come again and conquer you because, as a mountain you cannot grow. But as a human, I can “

         Eventually, in 1953, he scaled up the Everest and achieved the fame as the first person to climb mountain Everest and many followed thereafter. He expressed his achievement as “It is not the mountain we conquer, it is ourselves. “ How true it all is.

         When we come across obstacles, failure, disappointments in any of our endeavors in business or in personal life, the immediate inclination is to break up or get into frustrations. The real success is in managing negative emotions and coming up from failures. There may be a chance to work around the failures by  repeating the attempts as time, effort, process, the environment and energy are very different from earlier efforts.
Actual achievement is not on the external demonstration; it is about conquering our internal concerns, doubts, negative emotions, and frustrations.

         Conquer your internal dilemma in any endeavors and you attract good things in life!

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