Sunday, 12 February 2017

What are you thinking and feeling during conflict?

      When conflict happens between two either at home or in the profession, only a few have the maturity to see the conflict as the difference of opinion and able to take it lightly considering the big picture of family or organizational. Most of the people struggle to differentiate the conflict over issues and personalities. Also, conflict end with compromising, accepting other’s perspectives, forgive, being humble or not getting into blaming or even taking personally.

Your thinking and feeling during the conflict determine your peace of minds. One of the powerful strategy philosopher and psychologists suggest that think of the consequences and think of the event in a time distant, say from a week now, a month now or even a year now. That makes a difference.
For example, recollect a conflict, which ended up intense arguments one year back with your spouse or colleague.Answer yourself whether that event is significant to you or your life now. Mostly, it will not.

Likewise, if you think of the argument’s significance one week or a month down the line or its consequence to your quality of life, most of the conflict ends up smoothly.

It just requires awareness during the conflict. Just try when you get into heated arguments with somebody closer to you and learn!

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