Tuesday, 28 February 2017

You can cultivate a positive culture

In one of my known organization, the CEO starts his monthly review meeting by first reviewing the employee engagement aspects like safety issues, employee participation levels, recognition, etc. then only he reviews other business deliverables. Over a period, this practice becomes the culture of the organization. The people under him also are giving first preference to employee engagement aspects, and now the organization stood great as employee preferred organization. 

Similarly, in another organization, the head always keen at delivery performance irrespective of any factors and his entire team also oriented to the practice. Now the culture of the organization is to deliver target irrespective of profitability, quality level or process adherence, etc.

Even in the home, if parents watch TV while eating, then the children also follow the same, then, over a period, it will become a culture of that family.

The point is we are not discussing the behavior is right or not. The person at influencing level cultivates the culture either good or bad, not the other way around as followers cultivate the culture. If you are at influencing state and if you do consistently same way, that will become practice and culture of your place.

Irrespective of your designation, you are the leader in your work or home. Influence positive and right things consistently, that will become a practice and culture in your workplace or home.