Thursday, 23 February 2017

Rephrasing the question for solutions

Asking right questions turn out a major turning point or bring the solutions to the problem. One typical example as most of us aware that Mahatma Gandhi was humiliated by British, he asked himself "If this happens to educated person like me, what about the millions of people in India? That turns out a history.
Besides, asking right question with appropriate rephrasing will bring real solutions approach. 

 For example, 

If you are concerned that  your boss/ colleagues are not valuing your views, you may ask yourself   “Why my boss is not respecting my views?"  (Sometimes spouse also !!!).This question may not lead to much impact as your mind is already filled with a presupposition that boss is not respecting, and you try to find the answers to support your question only. It may bring self-pity, blaming and self-depression.

Instead, if you rephrase it as “How can I make my boss listen to my views ?“ .In this question also, you internally accepted that boss is not accepting you, but your mind will start to think of the solutions part, whereas in first question your thoughts stop at the reasoning level only. Your mind accepts the fact and also starts working on the solutions.

This rephrasing the question needs a little bit awareness on your questioning pattern, and it is possible with practice.Ask a right question with a right frame of mind, and you will get right solutions!