Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Greatness is in details & care

Some time back, I read the interview article by Mr.K.V Kamath, Ex-Chairman of ICICI Bank about his amazing experience with Mr.N R Narayanamoorthy (NRN), founder of Infosys. As they had been friends, one day they went to a hotel for lunch in Bangalore. As they were engaging in a meaningful conversation while entered into the hotel entrance, a janitor welcomed both and opened the door. Kamath was passing through the door, NRN stopped the conversation for a moment, looked at the janitor and asked him with smile “Had your lunch?” .The janitor smiled back and nodded head positively. Then NRN continued the conversation with Kamath and found a table for their meal.Kamath was surprised with that incident and wondered how a  high profile person with many priorities and work pressure had a time or heart to care for fellow human being.He described NRN as great human being.

     You also could have come across such great people in your lifetime either in business or in a personal environment.The greatness is not in a position or financial strength; it is in displaying the modesty, humbleness, simplicity, care for fellow people amidst all work pressure and priorities.

     Sometimes, we are too busy to notice small things which matter most. Our greatness is when we start appreciating little things and care for either it could be people or beauty of this universe. Becoming good to great is all about excellence .