Thursday, 26 January 2017

Mindset and practices of outstanding executive

    In any organization, some people emerge as effective executive or leader among others. A lot of research had been conducted to identify the factors differentiating the outstanding executives and other mediocre executives. More than educational background, technical competency and experience, the mindset and practices differentiate the outstanding executives from others. 

    One of the management article published in Harvard Business Review highlights the below eight practices of effective executives 

They use to ask, “What needs to be done?”
They use to ask, “What is right for organization?”
They use to develop action plans
They use to take responsibility for their decisions
They take effort for communication
They focus on opportunities than problems
They run productive meetings
They think and say “we “rather than “I”

  The reasons look like true from my experience in professional environment. 

Let us evaluate ourselves against those factors and reflect our mindset and practices!