Friday, 6 January 2017

Are you grateful or regretful?

      There are only two set of people based on their perspectives about life .One is being grateful for everything and another one being regretful for everything. The first set of people looks at the life with the achievements they did so far, being grateful, happy, and look for next level growth. The Second set of people always looks for what they missed out irrespective of their achievement, becoming skeptical about themselves and lose the sight of future prospects

       One of the studies in sport reveals that, the person who won the bronze medal use to be happier than the person who won the silver medal. The reason may be that silver won person kept thinking about how he missed out the gold medal, forgetting the gift of being achieved silver, whereas the bronze won person kept feeling that he got into the medal winners list and be proud of achieving.

      The point is that aiming for high is good, but not at the cost of forgetting the current achievement and celebration. It is our mindset, how we look into the life, feeling either happy about current achievement despite challenges or cribbing about what we lost.

      Let us celebrate the current achievement of 2016, feel grateful, and aim high for 2017!