Thursday, 3 November 2016

Be aware of your mental state for positive results

             As human beings, we are undergoing a different set of emotions or mental state in every minute. . The mental state can be positive  state like being in happy, high energy level, highly enthusiasm, etc. or the  mental state could be  limiting state like being sad, angry, worry, laziness etc. Actually, those mental states drive the quality of behavior or action at any point of time.

            When we are in a positive state, our words, tone and actions will be positive whereas in limiting state, our actions leads into more chaos or unproductive. So be aware of in which state you are in at any point of time and change your state before taking any actions or communicating to others.

           One  way  to change state instantly is by changing physiology or body language. For example, imagine that you are in deep thinking or in a sad mood and you are receiving a phone call from your well-wisher or friend. You are quickly changing your state to a positive state of happiness. Actually, during that moment, you are changing your physiology or body language that enables you to switch the state. It is possible to change the state instantly with little focus on awareness and practice. 

          The point is when you are taking any important decision or even talking to someone, aware of your state and change into a positive state. The result or response also will be positive.