Friday, 25 November 2016

Why should maintain harmony with others?

   The most impactful people in our life are the ones with whom we are interacting more on a daily basis. They could be family members, boss, colleagues, peers, and subordinates as we spend most of the time with them only.

       The quality of relationship or harmony with them is important.When there is disharmony in any of the elements, it would affect your peace of mind that would affect your quality of work. Just imagine that your harmony with your boss is strained, will you able to do quality of work? Likewise, your harmony at domestic will affect your quality of work. Quality of work determines your growth and happiness.
     Hence, for your own sake, of happiness and growth, you need to maintain a high level of harmony with others who are interacting with you most of your lifetime.But in reality, there is some misconception about maintaining harmony and there are some factors affecting the harmony.Let us discuss next week!!