Thursday, 10 November 2016

When does Professional Growth Stop?

    Irrespective of your educational background, the profession you are choosing, one factor determines your growth is competency.When we say competency, it is a combination of attitude, skill and knowledge about the profession or job.

     In your career ladder, each position calls for different competency, it needs to be identified, developed, and demonstrated.For example, in your career ladder, competency requirement during entry stage, and say at trainee level is different from when you enter the middle management level. Similarly, the competency requirement is different when you enter in the senior leadership level.

    Simply put it, as you know, communication skill is one of the competency throughout your career. However, the degree of competency is different at each position say entry level, managerial level and senior management level. It requires continuous effort to improve your communication skill competency to move upward.

     So if you desire to move up in your career ladder, continuous effort is required to improve your competency by identifying the gap job position.When you stop developing competency, your growth stops or stagnates. We are here to grow, hence focus on competency development!