Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Building confidence with small success

In business or professional environment, the biggest challenge is selling our idea or believing that the idea will work.That is building a confidence within us and to others.

Building confidence in self-levels:

This cannot be built  only through external stimuli like reading books, listening motivational lectures, etc. as they build confidence momentarily and short lived. Real confidence will be built deeply at conscious level only by doing and experiencing small success.

              For example, if you want to improve your confidence on public speaking skills, you cannot immediately do it in a large crowd. Instead, you consciously experiment in a small group, take action, and taste the success. Your subconscious mind registers the successful event. Next time, when you are speaking in larger groups, your mind pushes you with positive reinforcement of earlier success and you may do well. Again, the mind registers this event as positive reinforcement. This way only, you can improve your confidence in public speaking.

Building confidence at team level:

             Similarly, if you want to  build confidence to your team  about any new initiative ,they need to see it and believe  it .Hence   experiment  the iniatives in a small way , be focused, take action, achieve and celebrate it .This  positive reinforcement   of success will give confidence to your team for taking higher level  initiatives .
              Building confidence is one of the leadership qualities  and it is time consuming,but more powerful once it is built . Hence, the action plan is to identify the area in which you have low confidence level, take small action, taste the success and this small success will help you to achieve more!

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