Saturday, 8 October 2016

Mastering the stroke

There was a rich man who loved art as well as birds. He asked an artist  to draw  a kingfisher bird which must be breathtaking, unique and natural.He offered  to pay  a huge price if it is breakthrough.The artist  accepted the challenge and informed the rich man to wait for three  months.After three months, the rich man  went to  the artist ‘ s studio, but nothing was completed. The painter requested for another three months and rich person agreed.After three more   months passed ,again the rich person visited the studio and asked for artwork.

The artist drew out his brushes and with ease, he instantly made a picture within two  minutes. The rich man  was very much happy with the quality of artwork, as it was more than his visualization. Suddenly he became angry and shouted at the painter ” You have cheated me  for last six  months.This artwork took only two minutes to draw, but why have you made me wait for six  months?”

Without saying anything, the artist opened up his shelf and showed hundreds of scrap drawings of kingfisher birds.

What we see from successful people’s delivery performance as natural, behind that passion and hard work reside.Mastering is all about expending time, persistence, and patience.

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