Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How do you respond to feedback?

Feedback from well-wishers, matured people are generally are genuine and for continuous improvement only. However, in reality, our mind responds to feedback in different ways and this response makes a difference in the performance. Generally, we respond to feedback in  three ways. 

For example, your boss or colleague or even your customer is pointing out some gap in your behavior or performance, you may choose any one of the below responses and that response determines  your further growth from the feedback.

Taking too personally:
 Feeling guilty and becoming sad about the feedback. The consequence may be your self-esteem may go down and you may be cribbing about the feedback. No Improvements on the corrective action or forward thinking and in turn, no progress in performance. 

Defending to  the feedback giver: 

Defending your position with justification to feedback giver. Likely, you may win the argument as well, but you may lose the sight of the truth of feedback. No improvements on the corrective action or forward thinking and in turn, no progress in performance.

Analyzing the feedback with rational approach:

 Listening and seeking further clarity from the feedback giver. Getting into introspecting. In this process, your mind tends to analyze the fact and accept the need for corrective action for growth. 

The point is that the choice of response you are choosing to feedback determines the progress, Feedback does not. 

Just be aware of your response!