Thursday, 8 September 2016

Process disruption

    In personal and business front, sometimes, we get upset with the pace of growth.We expect different results while we do the same kind of activities or adhere to the same business processes.For continuous growth progress, what is required is continuous process disruption.

   When we say process disruption, it is not going away from the fundamental process adherence which would be disaster even for survival or existing growth .Process disruption is challenging the existing mindset or process which is producing the current result and continuously inculcate new thinking, new process for high level growth. .If we do the same thing, we get same result .If we change the process, at least we can expect different results.

     You might have seen some organizations exist more than decades with same line of products from inception to now, but had grown multifold, not because of diversified product line, but due to process disruption or continuous innovation in how they manage the business processes.

    In Business, challenging the existing process and continuously upgrade the business process, you can expect different result or high growth.

   In personal front, by continuously challenging your thinking process, you can solicit new opportunities and growth. 

    The point is that if you want great result, your process is also need to be different. You cannot expect major changes in your result with the same level of process. Continuous process disruption is only way for sustainable growth!