Monday, 29 August 2016

Becoming an optimist

       One of the important characteristics of optimist is the ability to bounce back from any setbacks quickly. What makes a person as optimist  or pessimist is how he /she is interpreting the events and registering in the minds. The best part is that the quality of interpretation can be improved through conscious response to events.

       When some failure or setback happens, the mind interprets the events in three aspects viz taking personally, giving too much permanency to event outcome, and    encompassing all to the event.

       For example, two people attended a job interview and both of them were rejected. The pessimist  considers the setback as too personal and say, “I failed “and whereas the optimist, considers the setback as not personal and use to  say as “The interview was tough”

        Pessimist considers this setback as “this setback is going to continue and I will fail ever in interviews” and whereas optimist considers this “This time I failed, next time I will be through"

        Pessimist  considers this setback as a loss to the whole of his life and everything is over. Whereas optimist considers this setback as standalone , just as I failed in the interview, but I am good in other aspects like relationship, health, skill etc.

The point is that how we are  interpreting the event and internalizing makes a difference in becoming optimist or a pessimist. Eventually this mindset would drive the thoughts, behaviors  and attitudes towards any incident in life.
Just be aware of your thought process when confronting setbacks and becoming optimist is a choice by learning.