Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Being grateful on a bad day

Generally, not all the days in our life go as we expect and make us happy at the end of the day. Sometimes a day is filled with a lot of disappointments, irritations, delays, hurting, rejections, and annoying situations.

The reason could be due to petty reasons like water tap leakage, housemaid not turned up on time, pickup cab late, not getting the preferred food at café or even at home, weak signaling or network issues.It could be even reasonable reasons like customer’s turnout, non-cooperating colleagues, angry moments with boss or spouse or anyone else.The list goes on ………………………..!!!!

That is, we have infinite reasons to claim the day as the dull or bad day on any labeled reasons.Cumulative of all reasons eventually affect our mood either as sad or unhappy at the end of the day.
How to turn the bad day into happy?

Just count the blessings of the day. If you observe all the moments of the day, amidst of the entire bad moments, something turned out as your favorites. That is natural design. Think of those favorable moments.(for example, your dear ones smiling face or some one's supporting words to you ).Be grateful for those moments.

The point is that there are no such only bad moments in life.
Either we forget or ignore to see the positiveness in all the moments.It just needs awareness and widening of our perspectives of life!

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