Saturday, 30 December 2017

Focus on one change at a time

One of the lingering question most of us have in mind is “how to manage my time or how to improve my personal productivity?

To find the solution, we may get into googling for finding tips on time management techniques and even in getting into Apps downloading. Even though those help in initial stages, but managing those itself become time-consuming! The real change starts from WITHIN.

From your lifestyle, just figure out which one thing is the biggest time killer or obstacles to your productivity or find out what is one thing would save your time if it were removed from your daily practices. It could be Facebook, WhatsApp, desk management, repeated browsing of mail check etc.

Find it and work only on this improvement idea consistently rather than taking too much at a time and not completing anything at the end.

Start with one change and work on it. Your productivity will improve! Time management is not about managing time, it is managing our mind and priorities!

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