Sunday, 16 April 2017

Why some people grows fast ?

     As you might have observed that some people are progressing fast in their career path and some people are not progressing enough despite their potential.Even though there may be many external factors contribute to the growth, the choice of mindset and personal qualities exhibited by the individual contributes significantly. The individual either possesses  a growth mindset or survival mindset and accordingly  demonstrates the behavior in a professional environment.

Let us understand the two categories of people  and qualities

Growth Mindset  and qualities:

•    They  always  eager to learn something new  
•    They accept the challenges and  do the mental risk calculation 
•    Always look for the opportunity  to contribute during interaction, crisis moment and do their best 
•    They do not bother much about  their defined target set by  others and go beyond 
•    Their  thinking and solution approach is  always one step ahead of current titles  

Survival  Mindset and qualities:

•    They do what is given or asked to do 
•    When opportunities were given, they have always found the reason why can not be done
•    Being in the same environment, they are always complaining  others
•    They always depend on  someone or forum to take a decision 
•    They refer to the rules and processes frequently
Being in survival mindset is not a big issue if it is a conscious choice of the individual.However,  the awareness of the above mindset will help you to change yourself into a growth mindset and enhance the career growth.