Thursday, 27 April 2017

What one trait differentiates achievers and non achievers?


When Bill Gates and Warren Buffets were asked individually to write one trait that made them success in business, they responded with one answer, that is FOCUS.

In our profession, either working as employee or business owner, we are fairly knowledgeable about our work, we are skilled enough to plan and execute, but why do we find struggle to achieve our targets? It is mainly in the mindset towards our attention or FOCUS.

The process of being more focused:

1. Decide what we want and what is important for professional success
2. Priorities the action regarding DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, QUARTERLY, ANNUALLY 
3. Execute what may come 

In fact, nowadays there are more distracters like WhatsApp, Facebook, mails, and calls from anyone, but in my opinion, they are all manageable if we are clear on what we want to focus. Since there is no clarity on what is our priority and we succumb to external distracters. 

Personally, I know one of my entrepreneur's friend with many successful ventures, has a habit of checking mails only once in a day, that too in specific time period.This habit increases his personal productivity and enables to focus on what the priority.The point is all distractions are external, the question must be are we clear on our priority and what we want..That differentiate achievers and nonachievers