Thursday, 30 June 2016

Your belief is important for success

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” ― Henry Ford

 What do you think the prime reason for you to learn to drive a two-wheeler or four wheeler? You may answer that need, desire, affordability, skills, etc., But the prime reason for the achievement is that you believed that you could drive. That belief only brought all other resources to make it happened.

          Let us refer any success stories in business, sports, media, politics  or any historical events, we may realize that underlying reason for the success is that someone believed that it could be possible. For example, Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed that through Ahimsa, he would bring freedom even though he did not have strengths and resources at an early stage. Eventually momentum gained and the rest is history. The reason is that he strongly believed he could.
Similarly, in your business or even professional life, your belief about success or growth is more important rather than anything else. Today you may not have sufficient resources, knowledge, skill sets, or strategy to reach the desired state. Nevertheless, your strong belief will drive you towards attracting the desired actions.

          It is said that anything happens twice, once in our mind and then in reality. If you strongly believe that you can turn around your business, you will. If you strongly believe that you can be extraordinary performer in your job, you will. If you strongly believe you can be a role model to your child or to your team, you will. Everything begins with your mindset or belief. 

         Relook your beliefs about your quality of performance, quality of relationship, quality of leadership and expand your mindset, you are going closer to new possibilities.

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