Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What do you focus Success or Growth

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvements, achievements and success have no meaning”.—Benjamin Franklin

We may come across people who is perceived as “Successful“ either in terms of positional status, wealth accumulation or any other measurement by society, may not be so happy internally or  feeling fulfilled. One of the reasons could be  the success does not lead to happiness or fulfillment if there is a lack of growth.

To  get clarity on this, we need to understand the difference between success and growth.

Success is just a milestone and not necessarily end of life journey. Success may be too personal and it may not be impacting others. When a particular success is achieved, you may feel happy temporarily  and again start craving for something to just feed your own ego.

Whereas Growth is  a continuous or progressive journey, during the progression, it is impacting others as well in  a positive way. when you are continuously growing  and others are also benefiting along with your journey, you feel fulfilled.

For example, achieving or attaining the  promotion in your profession may be a success. Once attained, through the new role, if you are not making an impact  or contributing others, you are not growing and growth is stagnant. If there is no further progress, the success may not give you fulfillment and it becomes burden.

To summarize, if you focus more on achieving success  and it does not make  impact to others, that success may not bring fulfillment. If you focus more on achieving success after success with more impact to others, you are on a growth path  and the journey will give  a sense of fulfillment. What you focus makes a difference to your life!!