Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Myth of multitasking

“You can do two things at once, but you cannot focus effectively on two things at once”-Gary Keller

       With the intention of doing more in a given time, we tend to do multiple activities simultaneously or switching rapidly from task to task in the same time.It  is called multitasking.

        For example, you are in preparing the presentation for your annual review, in between, you attend the phone calls as you received, and you call someone, attend the SMS and browse the internet, download the mails and again focus on preparation of reports.

       Each time when  we move between tasks, the brain takes a little  time to  reorient    itself to the new task at hand. Psychologists estimated that multitasking in the form of switching backwards and forwards between tasks increases the overall time needed to complete the tasks by 40 percent.

      The simple message that we achieve more personal productivity if we stay focused on tasks for longer instead of diverting our attention to different tasks.

      With so much distraction in today’s world, it is easy to be diverted in the name of multitask. However, the reality is that we are losing our productivity.With awareness and self-control, it is possible to orient our focus on a given task and complete!.

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