Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Learn from Success

              In both personal and business  aspects, delivering results or achieving success milestone   is relatively easy if factors like process, people, and the environment favor us. However, sustaining the success is much more important and a real challenge. Even though it is difficult, but it is possible, as we are seeing  outstanding, lifetime successful people from business, sports, music, media etc. How can we sustain the success forever? One of the answers could be “learning from the success."

          Most of the time, when we achieve success, we forget to look back the factors led us to success. Whereas after failure, we tend to look back what went wrong and learn from the mistakes. Similarly, when we achieve success milestones, we can look back in the process, which led to success. The factors can be the strategy we adopted, the approach we used, people whom along with we delivered result, People for whom we delivered, environmental factors like competition, timing, and other assumptions etc.

          This reflection or introspection on success will help you to reinforce the confidence on you, adopt the same methodology in future and to improve the quality of execution.This will help you to sustain the success. Hence, it is not only important to learn from failure, but from success as well for sustaining it.