Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to change bad impression in workplace ?

In the workplace, others form a perception about us and the interactions are all based on the perception. If the perception about us is good, then it is ok, what if the impression is bad? Is it easy to change? 

Our mind does not want to spend energy frequently to change the stored information. For instance, we register some brands are trusted for quality and will never change the perception even a small disturbance happened to the brands like in the case of  Cadbury, TATA , and Nestle etc.

If this way our mind works, how do we change the bad impression of others about us? For example, as an individual, others formed the perception that you are a latecomer to the office. How would you change that perception? Only by showing repeated evidence of coming to office on time, then only others change their perception about you. 

Similarly, as an organization, if your customer has the impression that you are not sensitive to quality service, it is difficult to change unless you repeatedly show evidence with your improved customer service. 

The point is 

1. We are allowing others to form perception about us through our behavior and action
2. Once it is formed, it is difficult to change 
3. To change the perception, consistent, repetitive evidence to be shown to others to change 

It is better to take responsibility to give the positive impression at first instance and in worst case take responsibility to change with repeated efforts.In reality, perception plays a major role in professional and business success!!!