Saturday, 21 May 2016

Response to adversity

“Everyone goes through adversity in life, but what matters is how you learn from it”—Lou Holtz

       Everyone  goes through adversity in life at some point of time. What makes the difference between average and successful people is the interpretation or learning from such adversity  or  experiences. The way we are looking  at our experiences and taking further action only determines the growth.

       We may come across situations  wherein  our decision results in heavy financial loss or damages the reputation among peers or customers, etc.. Now  we  have three choices  which decide our  ability to overcome the adversity.

Choice of response 1:

    Feeling guilty and becoming sad about the  decision and the result. The consequence may be your self esteem may go down and you may be cribbing. Self pity will be increasing and no corrective or forward thinking will take place 

Choice of response 2:

    Start defending your position with justification. You tend to build logics to justify your  decision  or stand and in this process, you  refuse  to look at the truth. No learning takes place to improve further.

Choice of response 3:

     Take pause ,reflect on the decision making process and the analyse the impact .This may lead you to find more truth about mistakes done . Your mind tends to analyze the fact and accept the need for corrective action for growth. 

The choice response that you are choosing to any  adversity  or experiences  determines the further growth. Hence, be aware of your response to any adversity.