Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Prolonging Good times

In our life journey, everyone goes through good and tough times either in business and or in a professional environment. Most of us have a  tendency to enjoy too much during the good times and to get down too much during tough times. This mindset reflects our lack of maturity in understanding the nature of life, lack of clarity in dealing the life gift and uncertainties.

We may come across matured people who take any situation without much reaction and respond it in a positive way. According to them, all the situations are good time and they are good at the art of prolonging the good times or success forever.

The secret could be their mindset during good and tough times.

Mindset during good times:

  • Not believing in permanence
  • Looking for adversity soon and preparing themselves
  • No overconfidence about their abilities and good times
  • Surrendering all success to divine and free from self-pride
  • Not arrogance with others 
  • Continuously upgrading themselves

Mindset during tough times:

  • Not believing in permanence and expecting turnaround soon
  • Faith in divine  
  • Continuously doing what they have been doing 

Getting into that level of mindset may not be easy for all. But striving for that level is all about maturity . The earlier we reach maturity; more it improves the quality  of life irrespective of good or bad times!